Beijing changyihe's 20th insulating glass production line was successfully rolled off the production line

2022-06-23 15:33:47

Since the signing of strategic cooperation with Hans company in Singapore in 2020, the company's technicians have designed and manufactured a series of hollow glass production lines that meet the technical innovation points of thick glass cleaning, super large hollow glass inflatable lamination and so on, on the basis of continuously digesting and absorbing the production and manufacturing process of international advanced hollow glass production lines and combining the current situation of domestic glass deep processing industry.


In addition, while producing and selling insulating glass production lines, our company continuously integrates existing resources, integrates our existing full-automatic glue applicator, automatic insulating glass unloading machine and insulating glass production, achieves data exchange, realizes MES control of the whole line, and makes users more convenient and intelligent in the use process.


Since the equipment was put on the market, it has been loved by the majority of users. Recently, our 20th insulating glass production line has been successfully rolled off the production line and will be delivered to the customer's factory. At the same time, our technical team is also constantly communicating and communicating with users to understand customers' needs and problems in the use process, continuously improve their processing quality and software control level in the feedback of customers' use, and is determined to develop a set of insulating glass production line with higher efficiency and better product performance, so as to continuously meet the needs of Chinese people for equipment for producing high-quality insulating glass.


Quality determines the market, and development originates from innovation